The U.S. Federal, state, and local government agencies are expected to spend more that $6 trillion for goods and services this calendar year.  If you would like to establish your company in this market, then our goal is to assist you in doing business with state and local government procurement agencies.

Four main categories:

**  Business Information – In this area we will discuss the steps of registering as a state vendor, preparing a quote, and invoicing your customer.   We will also address some of the business identification numbers that may be required by the state vendor registration forms.  This includes information about and how to register for a FEIN number, DUNS number, and CAGE Code.

**  QPL/APL – What are QPL (Qualified Products Lists / Approved Products Lists) or State Standards and Specifications? In this section we explain what QPL/APL and Standards and Specifications are.  We will help you find the QPL or Standards for your state.

**  Procurement – There are many procurement companies.  All of the State Purchasing Agencies use an online system that simplifies the bidding process.  Some states maintain their own online procurement systems, however, many states contract with Procurement (or eProcurement) companies.  These online systems organize the entire bid process for both the purchasing and vendor side of the relationship.   In this category we will discuss information about some of the online procurement services.

** Selling to States –  The goal of this category is to provide specific information tailored to each state.  Such information will include the State Purchasing Home Page, QPLs, vendor registration, and many others.  We also intend to provide basic requirements and instructions for vendor registration.  This will be a good reference page for quickly identifying and finding important information for doing business your state.