What is BidSync Links Plus

The best way to tell you what BidSync is – is to show you what BidSync does.

The best way to tell you what BidSync is – is to show you what BidSync does.

Here is the first example:

Open a new browser window, then enter the following in the Google Search Bar…

City of procurement

Choose one of the listings – this is a click-able link for the listing I have chosen for this example:

Oklahoma City

On the left side menu, please find and click on

Bid info & vendor forms

It is that easy!  Now, you have a current listing of all the bids, auctions, and sales for Oklahoma City with a URL link to the “Invitation to Bid” documentation at each listing.  Remember to bookmark this site for future reference, but take time to look over all of the listings.

Let’s look at another example – return to the search results for

City of procurement

Choose a second listing – this is a click-able link for the second listing I have chosen

The City of Philadelphia

Isn’t that easy!  This is a direct link to the City of Philadelphia Procurement Department.  This page covers vendor registration, bidding, contract information, and current solicitation listings – with URL links to the “Invitation to Bid” documentation. Remember to bookmark this site for future reference, and take time to look over the bid opportunities.

Our third example demonstrates how to search for a service industry bid opportunities.  Please clear your search bar so that you can enter:

City of procurement lawn services

Choose one of the listings – below is a click-able link for the example I have chosen

Procurement Division, Finance Department – City of West Palm Beach

This link will take you to the City of West Palm Beach’s approved vendor list for lawn care maintenance companies.   It also provides other value information for Doing Business with the City, current procurement opportunities, small business information, and contact information.  Remember to bookmark this site for future reference if you live in this area.

It is that easy to locate procurement websites for local, county, and state agencies.  You can substitute “purchasing” for “procurement” or add industry specific goods or services descriptive words. Choosing target search words will help you zero in on bid opportunities for your business.  Also, some procurement websites have built-in subscription links, called RSS links, that will automatically send email notices when the postings are updated.

So, what does BidSync Links do?  They do what you just did for 70,000 procurement websites everyday.  BidSync is a clearing-house of information.  They collect all new bid opportunities posted on the web, analyze these listings by geographic location, match the NIGP commodity codes to vendors, and sends out Request For Procurements to vendors registered with BidSync.

These new bid notifications come from two sources.  The first source is from government agencies that have purchased and use the BidSync software for creating, organizing, managing, and paying for the bid contracts.  All vendors that register for the FREE BidSync account can access these bid opportunities because the state or other agency has paid the software subscription.

The second source of bid notifications comes from the actual procurement websites, such as the Oklahoma City and the City of Philadelphia Procurement Departments, where new bid opportunities are listed.  BidSync combs procurement sites looking for new Request For Proposals to report to registered vendors.  BidSync Links subscribers receive notification of both types of bid notifications.  However, only BidSync Links Plus subscribers/members have access to the bid notifications obtained by combing the procurement websites of NON-MEMBER government agencies, which is the method we used to find the bids for Oklahoma City and the City of Philadelphia.

Therefore, the question is, do you need to subscribe to BidSync Links Plus.  The answer to that questions really depends on your business market.  If your business provides goods and services to a regional area, then you may find that performing your own procurement searches enables you to target RFP for the products and services you offer in the geographic areas in which you desire to do business.  If this is the case, then the free BidSync Links account will probably be sufficient.

If your company does business in more than one state or manufactures or distributes products in a large geographic area, then registering with BidSync Links Plus will probably be very beneficial.  Remember, that BidSync is a clearing-house of information.  They bring in new bid opportunities from all of the cities, counties, states, military, and the federal government agencies,  digest geographic regions, and pair vendors with proper commodity codes, then send out email notifications.  BidSync manages an enormous amount of information everyday.  BidSync Links Plus membership offers valuable bid opportunities for many businesses.

Is BidSync Links Plus for right for your company?  We hope this article will help you make a more informed decision.  The video below explains BidSync Links Plus in more detail.