BidSync Vendor – How to Register Basic Information Part 1

I became confused when I tried to register for the State of California Vendor’s list because I found myself leaving the state’s site only to be deposited on the BidSync Links website.  To add to my dismay, I saw that I had two choices – a BidSync Links FREE registration (in blue) or a BidSync Links Plus $379+ Subscription (in orange).  At this point I returned to the California website thinking that I had made a mistake.  I soon learned that California, as well as over Utah and 300 other U.S. city and county agencies use BidSync as their online eProcurement management tool to develop, manage, analyze, post, and correspond with vendors about Request for Quotations.  A BidSync Links account for these states is free.  I am sharing my first experience with BidSync Links with you so that the process will go smoother for you.  Although I am using the State of California for this example, the other states will be similar.

Registering with BidSync Links is the first step for vendors that wish to do business with any of the U.S. States the employ the BidSync Links system. I intend to cover the basic BidSync Links registration information.  In the menu to the right, there are other articles which discuss in more detail the differences between BidSync Links and BidSync Links Plus.

State of California Procurement Vendor’s Registration – Click to enlarge

Above, I have included a picture of the State of California’s Procurement Division web site.  From here, I clicked the heading “Access eProcurement” and then clicked “Register to create a new eP supplier profile.”  At this point, you will be on the first BidSync Links web page.  Do not be confused because this is the correct path.  The picture below is a snap shot of the page.  Click to read more about BidSync Links FREE registration and BidSync Links Plus FEE subscription to help understand which option best fits your business.

BidSync Links FREE Registration (blue) or BidSync Links Plus Subscription Required (orange) – Click to enlarge

If you choose the FREE BidSync Links registration, then you will open the following web page and proceed with your BidSync Link FREE registration.  You will be able to follow the registration instructions provided in Part 2 of this article.

BidSync Links Registration Page - Click to Enlarge

Part 2 – Steps to Register with BidSync Links!