State of Alaska Procurement

Procurement for the State of Alaska is expected to exceed $12.1 billion in 2013.  

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The five areas in which this money will be spent is resource development, education, public safety, transportation/infrastructure, and military support.  The State of Alaska offers a wide variety of opportunities for small and large businesses to compete for government contracts.We have included the following information to assist you with developing a business relationship with the State of Alaska.

State of Alaska – Business

State of Alaska – Purchasing

State of Alaska – DOT – Department of Transportation business opportunities

 State of Alaska – Vender Application Package (pdf)

Instructions of Prospective Vendors

1. To have your name or the name of your firm placed on General Services’ Vendor List, you must fully
complete the enclosed application and return it to the address shown on the application. Please include
your ZIP+4 address; an incomplete application will not be processed. Your firm will not be placed on the
Vendor List until a completed application is received.
2. Prospective vendors with disabilities who require an accommodation with special services or auxiliary aids
to participate in this process should contact General Services at (907) 465-2250 TDD-Juneau: (907) 465-
2205: or TDD-Anchorage: (907) 276-0502.
3. Evidence of a valid Alaska Business License must be attached as well as the business license number
entered into the appropriate block. You must have an Alaska Business License in order to be entered onto
the Vendor List. A construction contractor must also submit a valid Certificate of Registration issued under
AS 08.18:
We prefer to receive a copy of your valid Alaska Business License as evidence. The State considers you
to have the license after you have paid the fee. If you have not received your license, but have paid the
fee, then you must furnish one of the following types of evidence:
a. A copy of a cancelled check for the business license fee.
b. A copy of the business license application with a receipt date stamp from the State’s Business License
c. A copy of a receipt from the State’s Business License Office for the license fee.
d. A sworn affidavit that the bidder has applied and paid for an Alaska Business License.
4. The location code section of this application must be filled out.
5. Review the code(s) assigned to the supply, services/professional services, and location map categories in
this packet. Enter the three or five digit code(s) in the space(s) provided on the Vendor Mailing List
Application form or check the corresponding box next to the codes that you wish to provide to the State of
Alaska. Enter code(s) only for those items, which you are capable of consistently providing. Vendors will
only be registered for those items that they have listed on the form provided or boxes checked. (Attached
copies of the back of the form page are acceptable.)
NOTE: If you do not intend to provide all the listed services at each location, please use one page for
each location and list the service(s) you will provide for that location.
6. Any future changes to the information provided on your application must be submitted in writing.






California Procurement

California Home Page

California Doing Business

California Vendor Registration

California QPL

California Standards and Specifications

California SB/DVBE

Register to do Business with the State of California

The budget for the State of California is roughly $120 billion dollars each year with the private sector for products and services.  This equates to 30% for K-12 Education; 25% for health and human services; 11% for higher education; 10% for business, transportation, and housing; and 7% on corrections.  The California eProcurement website is the direct route for state agents to purchase goods and services from businesses.  Becoming a registered vendor enables purchasing agents to find you and makes your company eligible to bid on contracts.  The following information is provided to assist you in becoming a registered vendor for the State of California.

The State of California utilizes eProcurement website hosted by BidSync for vendor registration and online contracting opportunities.  Vendor registration is a two-part process.

The first step is to “Register to do Business with the State of California.”  At this point you will create a user ID  and password, list your business name and contact information, and choose the commodity codes for your business.  You only need one of the following numbers to register your business at this stage:  DUNS, FEIN, or SSN.  When complete, you can call BidSync Support to activate your account or wait to receive your emailed confirmation.  Your account must be activated to proceed to the next step in the registration process.

Step 1 – Registration:

Log on at CA.GOV DGS (Department of General Services)

A.  Open the Access eProcurement (eP) menu

B.  Choose Register – Free BidSync Link is on left (blue) – and proceed

**Note:  Record your User name and Password

C.  Choose – Free Registration BidSync Link – BLUE on LEFT

Step 2 – Profile Information

You will need to provide complete your business profile information.  This includes verifying your FEIN or other such number, identifying the UNSPSC Classifications, acceptance of the State of California Use Policy, and verifying your registration status.  You will reach this section by following the below directions:

Log on at CA.GOV DGS (Department of General Services)

A.  Open the Access eProcurement (eP) menu

B.  Choose Login

C.  Login with your User name and password

D.  Find the PROFILES box on the left of screen just below the menu bar – choose The State of California and complete the profile information.

Step 3 – California Profile and Certification

The third part of the registration process is to determine if your business qualifies as a minority business.  The purpose is to improve business opportunities for minority, women, and veterans.  If you are a minority business, then you will want to complete the certification process for your business type using the below directions:

Log on at CA.GOV DGS (Department of General Services)

A.  Open the Access eProcurement (eP) menu

B.  Choose Login

C.  Login with your User name and Password

D.  Find the PROFILES box on the left of screen just below the menu bar – choose “Add SB/DVBE Certifications” and complete registration.

Please remember to refer to the CA.GOV DGS homepage for information concerning bid opportunities, statewide contracts, and other eProcurement resources.

In addition, you will be given the opportunity to sign-up for BidLync.  The difference between BidSync and BidLync is that BidSync is a FREE email notification service, and BidLync is a fee-based membership.  The only bid opportunities that you will be able to access with the free BidSync are the bids posted by agencies that have paid the membership fee to publicize their bid notifications.  Annual membership with BidLync provides access to bids posted by agencies that have NOT paid to publicize their bid opportunities.  Your annual membership provides access to 10s of thousands of additional bid opportunities through BidLync, an online catalog of regional, state, national, federal, military, and international bidding opportunities.  The registration fee begins at $379 and offers electronic bidding and procurement opportunities.  Remember, if you do not register with the BidLync program, then you can elect to be notified via email of bid opportunities, however, you will be denied access to the bidding process through the BidLync portal.

Florida Procurement

The following web pages are good resources to assist you in doing business with the State of Florida.

Florida Home Page

Florida Doing Business

Florida Vendor Registration

My Florida Market Place

Florida QPL

Florida Standards and Specifications

Florida CBE (Certified Business Enterprise)

The State of Florida purchases more than $1 Billion annually for goods and services through the Division of State Purchasing. If you would like to do business with the State of Florida, then becoming a registered vendor is as easy as following these steps:

Your first step is to register as a vendor with the State of Florida at MyFloridaMarketPlace. MyFloridaMarketPlace links purchasing agents and registered vendors together and facilitates the contract process from the bidding stage to the final payment.

The second step is to accept the emailed Terms and Conditions so that your account can be activated. if you are a business 51% owned by a minority, woman, or service-disabled veteran.

The last step is to complete a State of Florida CBE (Certified Business Enterprise) application. We have provided information and links for this process. If you need assistance, please email Vendor Help or call 866-FLA-EPRO (866-352-3776).

Step OneVendor Information Registration

The process to register as a State of Florida vendor is fairly simple. The information you will need includes:

*Your FEIN number or Social Security Number

*Company Name – as it appears for tax filing information

*Location information

*Commodity Codes for the goods or services you offer

Step Two READ and ACCEPT the Terms and Conditions of Use to activate your account. This will be emailed to the contact email address you provide during vendor registration. There are several note-worthy items to mention. First, you are agreeing to a 1% fee payable to the State of Florida on all contracts that you win. There is a monthly deadline for payment when this fee applies. Second, you will have a limited time frame in which to supply an itemized list of products and pricing if requested by a third party.

Step ThreeState of Florida CBE (Certified Business Enterprise) application.

Visit the Office of Supplier Diversity (OSD)for information on becoming a Florida Certified business. The purpose of this department is to improve business opportunities for Florida’s minority, women, and service-disabled veteran business ventures. This department is divided into the following categories: certification, advocacy and outreach, vendor resources, agency resources, publications, and the certified vendor directory. We have provided a few links that are helpful to understand why and how to become a Florida Certified Business Enterprise.

Certified Business Enterprise Applications

Benefits of a State of Florida Certified Business Enterprise

Eligibility Requirements

Minority and Women Businesses Applications

Service Disabled Veteran Businesses Applications

Supporting Documents Definitions/Descriptions

Re-certification Information and Re-certification Application

Joint Certification Agreements

How To Become A Vendor in the State of Alabama

How To Become a Registered Vendor with the State of Alabama

Vendors must register with the State of Alabama in order to receive solicitations to bid.  There is a $200 registration fee which provides access to the bid solicitations for two years.

You will need an access code to begin vendor registration.  Click here to setup the vendor log-in information.

Taxpayer Identification Number – All vendors are required to use the precise legal name associated with your taxpayer identification number.  Sole proprietorships may use either your social security number or employer identification number, however, your own name must be in the title.  Failure to use the legal name associated with your taxpayer number may result in the imposition withholding of 31% of each payment.  YOU assume ALL responsibility when registering with your social security number.

Foreign Corporations (Out-of-State Firms) – Alabama law states that a foreign corporation may not transact business in the state until it obtains a certificate of authority from the Secretary of State, Corporation Division.  Their telephone number is 334.242.5324.  You may proceed with the vendor registration without this certificate, however, again you may not transact business in the state until it is obtained.


1. Vendor List:

A.  Complete the Registration Form accessed with Vendor Log-in Set-up

B.  Submit $200.00 registration fee using a credit card, debit card, or E check.  This provides two years of access to bid solicitation information

2.  Vendor Number:   Enter either your FEIN (Federal Employment Identification Number) or Social Security Number.  YOU assume ALL responsibility when registering with your social security number.

3.  Business Information:

A. Complete Company Name and Addresses

B.  Contact Persons

C.  Phone Numbers

D.  E-mail Address

4.  Business Ownership:

A.  Small Business – Less than 50 employees or gross receipts less than $1,000,000.00

B.  Minority and Women Owned – At least 51% owned by one or more socially and economically disadvantaged individuals AND whose management and daily operations are controlled by one or more of those individuals.

C.  Specific Minority Groups:

1.  African American;

2.  Latino American (Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central/South America, and other Spanish origins;

3.  Asian Americans (including Pacific Islander)

4.  American Indian (including Alaskan Native).

If you do not have an access code, or have not previously registered, CLICK HERE, to begin online Vendor Registration.

Contact Information:

Division of Purchasing

RSA Union Building

Attn:  Ms. Tamara Norman

P.O. Box 302620

Montgomery, AL  36130-2620

Phone:  334.242.4284

Fax:  334.353.1878

Important Links for Alabama Procurement

Alabama Department of Finance – Division of Purchasing – Home Page

Alabama Vendor Registration

Alabama QPL

Alabama Standards and Specifications

Alabama List of Statewide Contracts

Alabama List of Commodity Codes

Alabama List of Professional Products and Services Commodity Codes